​​​Arizona Synergy can help take the stress out of recruiting qualified candidates!  

We make it easy to start your search. 

1. Call/email us directly

2. Use our Contact Us page to submit your request

3. Sign up for candidate alerts

*The option for a provider to be an independent contractor or an employee can each generate different qualified candidates. If your organization has the flexibility, consider being open to either option for a larger pool of qualified candidates. 

Let US help build your TEAM! 

Here are a few points to consider when determining the needs of your organization:

  • How many hours will you be needing for coverage on a weekly basis? Monthly?
  • What is the age population for your patients?
  • How long will you potentially need coverage for?

Provider Acquisition*

  • One time fee for acquisition
  • Candidate becomes part of your team as an employee
  • Long-term coverage
  • Continuity of patient care
Short-Term Contract Hours vs. Provider Acquisition

Our Process:

                  Once we receive your initial request, we will reach out to you!

  1. During the initial consultation, we work with your organization to determine your specific hiring needs and budget. 
  2. Upon agreement for services, we will begin getting you the CV's of qualified candidates. 
  3. We complete interviews and reference checks on our candidates. However, your team will be given the opportunity to interview any candidates you might be interested in.
  4. Pick your candidate and we'll make them the offer for your open position!
  5. We help to facilitate all credentialing necessary by working with your organization and the provider to ensure quick and accurate completion. 
  6. Get the provider started!

Contract Hours*

  • Hourly rate for the hours needed/used 
  • Ability to contract in the needed hours for coverage
  • Flexibility
  • Long-term or short-term coverage
  • Providers are independent contractor's