At Arizona Synergy, we strive to provide our physicians with telepsychiatry jobs that allow them to make a real difference in the lives of their patients. We currently work mostly with physicians and nurse practitioners to service the mental health population in the rural cities of Arizona.

Most organizations we work with utilize telemedicine; however, we do also team up with organizations and providers that are seeking face-to-face patient interactions.*

*Must be located in the state of Arizona

As part of our continued growth, Arizona Synergy plans to expand its network to other states as well as other medical specialties, in the upcoming year.

Please contact us for any questions you might have!

The largest struggle came from organizations in rural communities. Finding on-site providers was a financial struggle! It simply was too costly to have providers travel between rural locations to provide face-to-face services.

The next best thing was finding remote providers to perform services via telemedicine. With this, providers are able to quickly and efficiently "travel" between sites from the comfort of their own home/office!

Get To Know Us! 

Arizona Synergy, LLC was founded in 2012. There was an industry shortage on providers.  We began working with providers and organizations to help facilitate care and services. Even more so, the organizations were having difficulties with recruiting and finding the best providers to fill their needs, while the providers were spending valuable time applying to numerous organizations.